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Aurand's mission is to provide the most reliable tools of the finest quality for surface preparation and rust removal. We strive to have absolute customer satisfaction.

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Made in the USA since 1937

Aurand has manufactured in the USA since 1937. Our fine quality tools can be used as a concrete grinders, scarifiers, paint chippers, deck scaler and paint remover. The US Navy, US Coast Guard, and other mariners have used our products for years and dutifully named them "Rust Hogs".


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Remove Scale or Rust

Our tools are designed specifically for removing almost any type of scale or rust from almost any hard surface. The possible applications are endless.


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Since 1993

Here is small list of possible applications for using our fine quality tools.

Remove non skid surfaces, paint, epoxy, stain, urethane or adhesive from:

  • Ship and barge decks
  • Oil platform surfaces
  • Marine towing equipment
  • Parking lot line removal
  • Bridge structures
  • Basements, patios floors & balconies
  • Retaining walls
  • Swimming pool surfaces

Specialty clean-up jobs:

  • Mortar and cement smatterings
  • Stains from garage floors
  • Graffiti
  • Stain and soot from fireplace fire box

Removal of paint, rust and scale from:

  • Ship and barge decks
  • Oil platform surfaces
  • Marine towing equipment
  • Bridge structures
  • Large pipes
  • Tanks and valves (interior and exterior)
  • Beams and girders


Watch our tools in operation in this video:

Possible applications include:

  • Railroad cars
  • Offshore platforms
  • Ships and barges
  • Bridges
  • Industrial screen cleaning at chemical plants

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