About Us


Our Mission

Aurand's mission is to provide the most reliable tools of the finest quality for surface preparation and rust removal. We strive to have absolute customer satisfaction.

Our Story

Aurand Mfg. & Equipment Company was founded in 1937 by Frank Aurand, and has now been in business for over 80 years. Aurand has been family owned since 1937, and now owned by the Ray Evers family that has built upon the great tradition of manufacturing quality products. The need for the unit was born out of the depression era when surface preparation tools were needed for restoration projects. It was quickly learned that the units were very diverse and had many varied uses, besides the concrete industry, the units are now used to maintain, the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard to remove rust and non-skid from ship surfaces while leaving an excellent profile for the new surface being applied to adhere to. The use of the tools in the marine and offshore industries has blossomed into a venture that now has sales worldwide with sales being extremely popular in oil producing countries around the world. ( United States, Venezuela, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Peru, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, China , Taiwan, Japan, Russia) Units have also been sold many other navies around the world including Canada, Thailand, Australia, Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

Meet the Tools

Aurand Tools basically produce the same profile on surfaces that can be achieved by sandblasting, There by sandblasting without sand. Units are now available with vacuum shrouds, that will accept a connection for Hepa vacs , to prevent unwanted debris from entering the world’s waterways, as well as food facilities, hospitals, and abatement projects. This also makes the Aurand Tools (ex: deck crawler) more user friendly than sandblasting eliminating the need for extensive clean up.hand-assembled

All products are manufactured on site in Cincinnati Ohio by American craftsman. All of our aluminum castings are machined on site at the Aurand facility to support production needs, therefore allowing Aurand to ship tools, spare parts and cutter bundles within 24 – 48 hours. We still receive Aurand Tools for repair that were manufactured in the 1960’s, since the tools have basically been unchanged since 1937 most parts are available in our inventory. It is estimated that there are over 30,000 Aurand Tools still in use.

handleThe Aurand Tools range from 5” wide to 12” wide, and available in electric (115 volt, or 230 Volt), and pneumatic, with stand up handles available on the M series tools to make the tools more user friendly.

The diverse sizes and weights of the units make them a perfect fit for hard to reach areas and on vertical and overhead surfaces.

In the offshore industry Aurand Tools are used by such giants as Transocean, Parker Drilling, Nabor Drilling as well as many others, The marine industry customer base includes Maersk Lines, Crowley Maritime, Ingram Barge and many others.

Aurand Tools are being used by Dayton Superior, Kokosing and others, to clean concrete forms, in some cases the cutter bundles are replaced by wire brushes that clean the forms to bare metal while not damaging the metal form. The varied sizes allow the Aurand Tools to be proficient in cleaning all shapes and size forms.

Units are used to prep concrete floors getting within a ½ inch of walls, and around or underneath equipment that larger units cannot reach. Other industries that units are sold in are the pool repair, business, rental stores, general contractors. Anywhere that surface preparation is the problem Aurand is the answer