Gas Powered

Aurand manufactures a gas powered line removal tool to compliment its electric powered mate the W1E. Designed for heavy duty parking lot and road way clean up this tool strips an impressive 250 to 350 square feet per hour!

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Clearing Area

5" Wide

Power Supply




Weight (lbs)


Removal Rate*


*Sq' per hour



Cutter Bundles

With our long-lasting user replaceable cutter bundles you can use our tools as a concrete grinder, scarifier, paint chipper and deck scaler while producing the highest output of your maintenance crews.

Mad in the USA

Made In The USA Since 1937

Aurand has manufactured in the USA since 1937. Our fine quality tools can be used as a concrete grinders, scarifiers, paint chippers, deck scaler and paint remover. The US Navy, US Coast Guard, and other mariners have used our products for years and dutifully named them "Rust Hogs".


Dust Containment

All Aurand Tools are now available with dust containment shrouds.

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